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Announcing the Solid Food Giveaway!

Posted 12/05/2011 | By: Solid Food Media

We're excited to announce that today begins the first ever Solid Food giveaway! Read on for all the details.

You might have noticed that we recently launched our online store, which you can find here. We're really excited to start selling the merchandise we've published; in celebration we're having this giveaway.

We'll randomly be picking five lucky winners who will each recieve a pack of all the merchandise we're currently selling. This means if you win, you'll be getting:

*** Commending the Faith 7-CD Set
*** Condensed Theology MP3 CD
*** Doctrines of Grace 5-CD Set
*** The Solid Food Thumb Drive
*** Our In-Depth Tract

Entering the contest is really easy; you can choose one of two methods. First, you can enter at our Facebook page here. All you have to do is post on our wall, saying you want to be entered into the contest! Don't worry about posting anything specific, just say you want in!

The second entry option you have is to tweet with our special hash tag: #solidfoodgiveaway. Just write your tweet post and include the hash text, including the pound (hash) sign. We'll be watching that hash tag for entrants.

The contest will be running for the next two weeks. You only have to enter once using either of the methods described above. Entering more than once won't increase your chances of winning in any way. So take your pick of how you want to enter! At the end we'll be gathering up all the entry posts and then randomly picking our winners.

We're really excited about all this, and we hope you are too. Good luck to everyone!


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