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A New Toy (Updated)

Posted 11/12/2011 | By: Solid Food Media

We're pretty excited here at Solid Food Media because we got a shiny new toy this past week:

This "toy" is replacing the camera we've been using to record the Sunday sermon videos. Our previous recording method proved to be relatively unreliable. We've unfortunately not been able to use some of the videos we've captured due to technical problems. This new camera will allow us to get a reliable, high quality sermon video  every week.

If you didn't know, we're posting our sermon videos on our youtube channel. If you've got a youtube account, go ahead and subscribe to get updated when videos are posted. We also embed the videos in the associated sermon page here on the site, so you can of course watch them that way too.

Also, we know the camera is a good choice because it gets the kitty seal of approval:

Update 11/14: Sure enough, the camera came through for us! We were able to record this past Sunday's sermon without incident as well as edit the video with ease. It's already posted to youtube and you can watch it here on the site:

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